Re: [PATCH A+B] pmem: Add prints at module load and unload

From: Greg KH
Date: Mon Apr 13 2015 - 05:05:35 EST

On Tue, Apr 07, 2015 at 06:46:15PM +0300, Boaz Harrosh wrote:
> Hi Christoph, Ingo
> It is important in the lab for postmortem analysis to know if
> pmem driver loaded and/or unloaded. And the return code from this
> operation.
> I submit two versions [A] more chatty and version [B]. Both give me
> the info I need.
> I like [B] because [A] prints more lines, and also the driver might not
> load at the end and we would still not see it from [A]'s prints.
> But it does not matter that much just take any one you guys like
> better.
> Here are the commit logs:
> ---
> [PATCH 1A] pmem: Add prints at pmem_probe/remove
> Add small prints at creation/remove of pmem devices.
> So we can see in dmesg logs when users loaded/unloaded
> the pmem driver and what devices were created.
> The prints will look like this:
> Printed by e820 on load:
> [ +0.000000] user: [mem 0x0000000100000000-0x000000015fffffff] persistent (type 12)
> [ +0.000000] user: [mem 0x0000000160000000-0x00000001dfffffff] persistent (type 12)
> ...
> Printed by modprobe pmem:
> [ +0.003065] pmem probe [0x0000000100000000:0x60000000]
> [ +0.001816] pmem probe [0x0000000160000000:0x80000000]
> ...
> Printed by modprobe -r pmem:
> [ +16.299145] pmem remove
> [ +0.011155] pmem remove
> Signed-off-by: Boaz Harrosh <boaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Don't polute the kernel logs with "chatty" things like this, just
trigger off of the block device uevent if you really want to know if the
block device is still around or not.


greg k-h
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