Re: [RFC PATCH 00/11] an introduction of library operating system for Linux (LibOS)

From: Hajime Tazaki
Date: Mon Apr 13 2015 - 23:30:49 EST

At Thu, 09 Apr 2015 10:36:23 +0200,
Richard Weinberger wrote:
> Am 31.03.2015 um 09:47 schrieb Hajime Tazaki:
> > right now arch/lib/Makefile isn't fully on the Kbuild
> > system: build file dependency is not tracked at all.
> >
> > while I should learn more about Kbuild, I'd be happy if you
> > would suggest how the Makefile should be.
> You definitely have to use Kbuild.
> Please bite the bullet and dig into it. Maybe we
> need also new functions in Kbuild to support a library mode.
> Who knows? ;)

Thanks Richard for the comment: I've been struggling on this
and created a github issue to struggle more ;)

I'd be happy if any of you're interested to tackle
Kbuild-ish Makefile for LibOS.

I'll be back here once I come up with the nice one.

-- Hajime
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