Re: Tux3 Report: Meet Shardmap, the designated successor of HTree

From: Christian Stroetmann
Date: Wed Apr 15 2015 - 14:01:04 EST

On the 20th of June 2013 22:27, Daniel Phillips wrote:
On 06/20/2013 12:12 PM, Christian Stroetmann wrote:
1. Stop copying my intellectual properties related with file systems and
implementing them. You always came several months too late and I am not
interested to let it become a running gag, definitely.
2. Stop marketing my ideas, especially in a way that confuses the public
about the true origin even further. I am already marketing them on my own.
3. Give credits to my intellectual properties in any case, even if you
make a derivation, and take care about the correct licensing.
Could you please direct us to details of your design so that we may
properly appreciate it?

Note that the key idea in Shardmap is not simply logging a hash table,
but sharding it and logging it as a forest of fifos.



Around 2 years ago, I looked at some details of the FS design and discussed the copyright issue with one of my attorneys.
Today, I would like to make the following (maybe closing) words before somebody says I would block a development:
1. In general, there is a copyright for every protectable work done by a person in the moment of its publication, but in practice it is hard to prove, specifically in such a technical case. I will not go into the legal details.
Said this, at least I reject my claims, but still think that generally it would by a constructive measure if even ideas are referenced in relation with open source hard- and software.
In my case it led to the situation that I have stopped to publicate ideas, with some very few exceptions.
2. In particular respectively from the point of view of the software design, the implementation is virtually what I have proposed (as well). Indeed, there are some interesting details and elegant paraphrases.
3. I think it would be interesting to analyze how well this FS works respectively to compare this FS with databases that implement something surprisingly similar.

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