Re: [PATCH v6 01/26] IB/Verbs: Implement new callback query_transport()

From: Michael Wang
Date: Fri Apr 24 2015 - 10:35:55 EST

On 04/24/2015 04:29 PM, Tom Talpey wrote:
> On 4/24/2015 8:23 AM, Michael Wang wrote:
>> +static enum rdma_transport_type
>> +mlx5_ib_query_transport(struct ib_device *device, u8 port_num)
>> +{
>> + return RDMA_TRANSPORT_IB;
>> +}
>> +
> Just noticed that mlx5 is not being coded as RoCE-capable like mlx4.
> The mlx5 driver is for the new ConnectX-4, which implements all three
> of IB, RoCE and RoCEv2, right? Are those last two not supported?

I'm not sure about the details of mlx5, but according to the current
implementation, it's transport is IB without a link-layer callback,
which means it doesn't support IBoE...

And there is no method to change the port link-layer type as mlx4 did.

Michael Wang

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