[ANNOUNCE] util-linux v2.26.2

From: Karel Zak
Date: Thu Apr 30 2015 - 06:48:34 EST

The util-linux release v2.26.2 is available at


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


util-linux 2.26.2 Release Notes

- fix whole-disk start sector usage [Karel Zak]
- add new compiler warnings [Karel Zak]
- define cfdisk dependence on open_memstream [Karel Zak]
- ncurses is optional, don't fail when missing [Karel Zak]
- python is optional, don't fail when missing [Karel Zak]
- fix shadow declaration [Sami Kerola]
- update AUTHORS file [Karel Zak]
fdisk, sfdisk:
- fix -o <list> backend [Karel Zak]
- fix fsck -C {fd} parsing [Stanislav Brabec]
- Remove TZUTC [J William Piggott]
- flush stdout in hwclock -c [Alexey Galakhov]
- regression fix [J William Piggott]
- fix first (current) runlevel line [Ruediger Meier]
- fix string_add_to_idarray() int vs. size_t [Karel Zak]
- use fcntl(..F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC) instead of dup(2) [Cristian Rodríguez]
- fix compiler warnings [Sami Kerola]
- (dos) retain existing boot flag when resizing a partition [Karel Zak, awilliam@xxxxxxxxx]
- (gpt) add extra check for First/Last LBA [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) check header size before verify CRC [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) fix LE usage [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) fix end sector calculation on resize [Karel Zak]
- add fdisk_table_get_partition_by_partno() [Karel Zak]
- add warning to resize function [Karel Zak]
- allow to move start to first usable LBA [Karel Zak]
- don't resize in label drivers [Karel Zak]
- don't return empty strings from fdisk_partition_to_string() [Karel Zak]
- fix script parser to support resize operations [Karel Zak]
- fix scriptk parser to support alone signs [Karel Zak]
- fix symbols versioning script [Karel Zak]
- recognize FAT32 partitions hidden by Acronis software [Jörg Jenderek]
- support bootbits protection from (p)MBR [Karel Zak]
- support resize operation in fdisk_set_partition() [Karel Zak]
- add note about flock() to docs [Karel Zak]
- add support for MS_LAZYTIME [Karel Zak]
- --stderr and --no-act turn "auto-errors" on [Ruediger Meier]
- Fix use of errno after strtol() without zeroing first [Stef Walter]
- add --no-act for testing [Karel Zak]
- add -DTEST_LOGGER [Karel Zak]
- check xgethostname() return value [Sami Kerola]
- fix LOGGER_TEST_TIMEOFDAY check [Karel Zak]
- fix memory leaks [Sami Kerola]
- fix rfc5424 format crash [Karel Zak]
- generate header when reading message from stdin [Patrick Plagwitz]
- tidy few indentation issues [Sami Kerola]
- use errx() when checking user input [Sami Kerola]
- add debug support [Karel Zak]
- don't ignore dependences for partitioned devies [Karel Zak]
- follow kernel for inverse tree [Karel Zak]
- don't remount read-only on --bind [Karel Zak]
- fix lazytime docs [Karel Zak]
- merge changes [Karel Zak]
- update da.po (from translationproject.org) [Joe Hansen]
- update ja.po (from translationproject.org) [Takeshi Hamasaki]
- fix regression for sparc builds [Waldemar Brodkorb]
- accept empty partitions from dump [Karel Zak]
- don't use BLKRRPART to check loopdev usage [Karel Zak]
- enable bootbits protection [Karel Zak]
- fix -a vs. -A bug [Karel Zak]
- improve -N warnings [Karel Zak]
- add --skip-loopdevs [Karel Zak]
- add logger(1) command line options tests [Sami Kerola]
- add logger(1) error condition tests [Sami Kerola]
- add logger(1) journald test [Sami Kerola]
- add logger(1) message format tests [Sami Kerola]
- add old dump for sfdisk [Karel Zak]
- add sfdisk resize regression tests for MBR [Karel Zak]
- add sfdisk resize tests [Karel Zak]
- add sfdisk resize tests for GPT [Karel Zak]
- add subtests for invalid logger devive [Ruediger Meier]
- avoid &>> for bash compatibility [Ruediger Meier]
- config.h lives in build directory [Ruediger Meier]
- fix cramfs/mkfs for BE and different pagesizes [Ruediger Meier]
- fix getopt for old glibc [Ruediger Meier]
- fix logger device pathname too long [Ruediger Meier]
- fix sfdisk GPT test [Karel Zak]
- fix, don't call ts_die from subshell [Ruediger Meier]
- introduce TS_LOOP_DEVS for cleanup [Ruediger Meier]
- introduce ts_cleanup_on_exit() [Ruediger Meier]
- logger with socat device [Ruediger Meier]
- logger, validate written socket data [Ruediger Meier]
- logger/errors does not use --no-act [Ruediger Meier]
- loop tests, don't call ts_die() with DEVICE parameter [Ruediger Meier]
- make libmount context tests sensitive to USE_LIBMOUNT_FORCE_MOUNTINFO [Karel Zak]
- make libmount python context tests sensitive to USE_LIBMOUNT_FORCE_MOUNTINFO [Karel Zak]
- more(1) depends on terminal, force to TERM=linux [Karel Zak]
- mount/rlimit tries to restore mtab [Ruediger Meier]
- never use -o pipefail [Ruediger Meier]
- optionally skip tests where loop support is needed [Ruediger Meier]
- require wipefs for sfdisk/gpt [Karel Zak]
- scsi_debug tests, don't call ts_die() with DEVICE parameter [Ruediger Meier]
- simplify common logger options [Ruediger Meier]
- start script/race test only when --force specified [Karel Zak]
- ts_scsi_debug_init() sleeps a bit earlier [Ruediger Meier]
- use --no-act for logger tests [Karel Zak]
- use ts_skip for logger/journald [Karel Zak]
- verify logger return value [Ruediger Meier]
- add MAKE_CHECK_OPTS [Karel Zak]
- install socat >= 1.7.2 [Ruediger Meier]
- move install script to .travis-functions.sh [Ruediger Meier]
- whitelist travis* branches [Ruediger Meier]
- trivial spelling and grammar fix [Mike Place]

Karel Zak <kzak@xxxxxxxxxx>
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