RE: [PATCH] Bluetooth: Add tty HCI driver

From: Reizer, Eyal
Date: Thu Apr 30 2015 - 10:39:22 EST


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> Hi,
> >> tty_hci driver exposes a /dev/hci_tty character device node, that
> >> intends to emulate a generic /dev/ttyX device that would be used by
> >> the user-space Bluetooth stacks to send/receive data to/from the WL
> >> combo-connectivity chipsets.
> >
> > We have an in kernel bluetooth stack, why do we care about this - how
> > will people test and debug driver interactions with binary only
> > bluetooth stacks in userspace ?
> NAK to this driver.
> If you want to run an external Bluetooth stack, then use HCI User Channel. The
> functionality already exists.

This is a pretty old driver that has been written a couple of years back and is being used by customers (including android that use a userspace based stack).
If there is another driver already available that provides same functionality, of course we will be happy to use it instead.
Any idea of where we can get info on the HCI User Channel?

> We do not want to have two drivers for the same hardware. Work with the
> Bluetooth stack that is present in the kernel and please stop hacking around it.
There are in fact quite a few products that use commercial user space based Bluetooth stacks.
One reason is that bluez has not been certified but I assume they have other reasons as well.

Best Regards,

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