Re: [PATCH V2 1/6] SLIMbus: Device management on SLIMbus

From: Sagar Dharia
Date: Wed Jun 17 2015 - 13:36:21 EST

On 6/17/2015 7:16 AM, Mark Brown wrote:
On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 07:45:59PM -0600, Sagar Dharia wrote:

+ if (status) {
+ slim_dev->driver = NULL;
+ } else if (driver->device_up) {
+ ctrl = slim_dev->ctrl;
+ queue_work(ctrl->wq, &slim_dev->wd);
+ }
Nothing ever cleans this work up if it didn't manage to run or

+static void slim_report(struct work_struct *work)
+ struct slim_driver *sbdrv;
+ struct slim_device *sbdev = container_of(work, struct slim_device, wd);
+ if (!sbdev->dev.driver)
+ return;
So we just forget about the device if we don't have a driver for it?
If device comes up before driver (e.g. dynamic module driver, or late-init driver), then to begin with: this doesn't do anything.
But once the driver-binding happens and probe succeeds, we queue device_up again.

+ /* check if device-up or down needs to be called */
+ if ((!sbdev->reported && !sbdev->notified) ||
+ (sbdev->reported && sbdev->notified))
+ return;
No locking here?
You are right, first I thought this was only touched in workqueue (singlethreaded), but this is also touched from logical-address assignment, driver removal etc.
I will add device-level lock for these.

+ * slim_ctrl_add_boarddevs: Add devices registered by board-info
+ * @ctrl: Controller to which these devices are to be added to.
+ * This API is called by controller when it is up and running.
+ * If devices on a controller were registered before controller,
+ * this will make sure that they get probed when controller is up.
+ */
+void slim_ctrl_add_boarddevs(struct slim_controller *ctrl)
My concerns about the split here still remain.

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