Re: [PATCH] perf report: Fix sort__sym_cmp to also compare end of symbol

From: Yannick Brosseau
Date: Wed Jun 17 2015 - 19:56:54 EST

On 06/17/2015 04:53 PM, Jeff Epler wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 04:41:10PM -0700, Yannick Brosseau wrote:
>> When using a map file from a JIT, due to memory reuse, we can
>> obtain multiple symbols with the same start address but a different
>> length.
> Is there some reason it's impossible for the reused memory to have the
> same length / end address?
It's possible that they are the same, and in that case the function
returns 0.
The patch is adding the handling of the case where they are different.

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