Re: [PATCH V2 0/7] clockevent: Migrate to new 'set-state' interface

From: Daniel Lezcano
Date: Thu Jun 18 2015 - 05:14:49 EST

On 06/18/2015 11:10 AM, Daniel Lezcano wrote:
On 06/12/2015 10:00 AM, Viresh Kumar wrote:
Hi Thomas/Daniel,

I have incorporated all the improvements Daniel suggested on V1 and so
here is V2.

The first patch allows set-state callbacks to be optional, otherwise it
leads to unnecessary noop callbacks for drivers which don't want to
implement them. Over that, these noop-callbacks result in full function
calls for nothing really useful.

Rest of the series converts few clockevent drivers to the new set-state
interface. This would enable these drivers to use new states (like:
ONESHOT_STOPPED, etc.) of a clockevent device (if required), as the
set-mode interface is marked obsolete now and wouldn't be expanded to
handle new states.

Once all the drivers are migrated to the new interface in future, we can
remove the code supporting '->mode' in clockevents core.

Drivers converted in this series are selected based on the diff they
generate. These are different diffs we shall have for most of the
drivers and any suggestions/improvements for these patches will be
applied to other drivers as well.

This is based of latest tip/master from few days back due to dependency
on clockevent_state_*() helpers.

Applied to my tree for 3.5

Pfff, 4.3

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