Re: [PATCH v3 0/7] Add basic microphone detection bindings

From: Charles Keepax
Date: Fri Jun 19 2015 - 06:46:58 EST

On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 11:24:20AM +0100, Charles Keepax wrote:
> This series adds basic microphone detection DT/ACPI bindings
> using the device properties API.
> The MFD parts and the extcon parts can go seperately through
> there respective trees, but I sent them together so everyone
> can see what is going on. There is no build dependency
> although the MFD patch will fix a couple of Sparse warnings
> that you get if using -Wsparse-all.
> Changes since v1:
> - Removed double include of property.h
> Changes since v2:
> - Removed check for CONFIG_OF to call
> arizona_extcon_device_get_pdata.
> - Add some defines for the pdata values of micd-dbtime.
> - Factor out the initial gpio level for the micd-pol-gpio.
> - Don't check if null before calling gpiod_set_value_cansleep.
> - Added a comment to explain why we can't use devm for gpiod.
> - Added patch to make some small corrections to the jack
> detection into this series to keep them all together for
> easy of applying.
> Thanks,
> Charles

Ah sorry I totally forgot to CC the MFD guys on this going to

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