Re: [PATCH V3 4/4] acpi, apei: use EFI memmap to map GHES memory

From: Matt Fleming
Date: Tue Jun 23 2015 - 05:50:48 EST

On Mon, 22 Jun, at 06:11:31AM, Matt Fleming wrote:
> Right, but see my previous comment about x86 discarding a bunch of
> attributes for memory regions because the kernel "knows better".
> And in most places, yes, the kernel really does know better. But this
> APEI case is special because irrespective of what the kernel says we
> want to be compatible with the firmware's memory map.
> And we don't have an API for that.

Maybe what we want is a new PAGE_* protection that is compatible with
any firmware mappings? That'd be nice because we wouldn't have to
introduce a whole new API for this GHES case and ioremap_* could do
whatever it wanted under the hood.


Matt Fleming, Intel Open Source Technology Center
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