Re: "[-next] ARM: Fix build if CLKDEV_LOOKUP is not configured"

From: Sudeep Holla
Date: Tue Jun 23 2015 - 11:57:07 EST

On 23/06/15 16:37, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
If you'd like me to apply a patch, it's no good discussing it in a
place where I have no knowledge of, and then suggesting that I should
apply it.

Sorry for that, I agree but I just mentioned it should go via your tree
as other SP804 patches changing Kconfig was in your tree to avoid any
merge conflicts. I assumed you were copied, my mistake :(

Paul Gortmaker brought your patch to my attention, and said that it
had been breaking MIPS for a week, and asked whether I had any
knowledge of it. I did not.

Given that the patch was created on 14th June, and it's now some 9
days later, I have to ask what's going on here? Has someone else
queued it up? Is someone intending to apply it during the merge
window once the stuff which causes the breakage in my tree has
landed? Are you still expecting me to somehow pick up a patch that I
had no knowledge of, for a breakage that I had no knowledge of?

Again I thought Guenter Roeck will stick this in your patch tracker ASAP.

Basically, what are you expecting to happen with this patch?

I should have explicitly asked Guenter Roeck to put in your patch
tracker. Sorry for that.


Can you put this patch in RMK's patch tracker ?

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