[PATCH v6 2/2] usb: Add support for ACPI identification to xhci-platform

From: Duc Dang
Date: Mon Aug 10 2015 - 03:38:07 EST

Provide the methods to let ACPI identify the need to use
xhci-platform. Change the Kconfig files so the
xhci-plat.o file is selectable during kernel config.

This has been tested on an ARM64 machine with platform XHCI, an
x86_64 machine with XHCI, and an x86_64 machine without XHCI.
There were no regressions or error messages on the machines
without platform XHCI.

[dhdang: regenerate the patch over 4.2-rc5 and address new comments]
Signed-off-by: Mark Langsdorf <mlangsdo@xxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Duc Dang <dhdang@xxxxxxx>

Change from v5:
Change comment to "XHCI-compliant USB Controller" as
"PNP0D10" ID is not X-Gene specific

Changes from v4:
Remove #ifdef CONFIG_ACPI

Changes from v3:
Regenerate the patch over 4.2-rc5
No code change

Changes from v2
Replaced tristate with a boolean as the driver doesn't
compile as a module
Correct --help-- to ---help---

Changes from v1
Renamed from "add support for APM X-Gene to xhci-platform"
Removed changes to arm64/Kconfig
Made CONFIG_USB_XHCI_PLATFORM a user selectable config option

drivers/usb/host/Kconfig | 7 ++++++-
drivers/usb/host/xhci-plat.c | 9 +++++++++
2 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/drivers/usb/host/Kconfig b/drivers/usb/host/Kconfig
index 8afc3c1..96231ee 100644
--- a/drivers/usb/host/Kconfig
+++ b/drivers/usb/host/Kconfig
@@ -32,7 +32,12 @@ config USB_XHCI_PCI
default y

- tristate
+ tristate "xHCI platform driver support"
+ ---help---
+ Say 'Y' to enable the support for the xHCI host controller
+ as a platform device. Many ARM SoCs provide USB this way.
+ If unsure, say 'Y'.

tristate "xHCI support for Marvell Armada 375/38x"
diff --git a/drivers/usb/host/xhci-plat.c b/drivers/usb/host/xhci-plat.c
index 5d1b84b..7ec2d31 100644
--- a/drivers/usb/host/xhci-plat.c
+++ b/drivers/usb/host/xhci-plat.c
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
#include <linux/usb/phy.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/usb/xhci_pdriver.h>
+#include <linux/acpi.h>

#include "xhci.h"
#include "xhci-mvebu.h"
@@ -266,6 +267,13 @@ static const struct of_device_id usb_xhci_of_match[] = {
MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(of, usb_xhci_of_match);

+static const struct acpi_device_id usb_xhci_acpi_match[] = {
+ /* XHCI-compliant USB Controller */
+ { "PNP0D10", },
+ { }
+MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(acpi, usb_xhci_acpi_match);
static struct platform_driver usb_xhci_driver = {
.probe = xhci_plat_probe,
.remove = xhci_plat_remove,
@@ -273,6 +281,7 @@ static struct platform_driver usb_xhci_driver = {
.name = "xhci-hcd",
.pm = DEV_PM_OPS,
.of_match_table = of_match_ptr(usb_xhci_of_match),
+ .acpi_match_table = ACPI_PTR(usb_xhci_acpi_match),

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