Re: [Regression v4.2] Re: [PATCH 7/9] drm/radeon: add VCE 1.0 support v4

From: Christian KÃnig
Date: Thu Aug 13 2015 - 05:41:33 EST

On 13.08.2015 08:36, Lucas Stach wrote:
Am Donnerstag, den 13.08.2015, 15:18 +0900 schrieb Michel DÃnzer:
On 13.08.2015 15:03, Lucas Stach wrote:
Hi Christian,

this commit is causing a boot regression with v4.2-rcX on my Richland
APU (CHIP_ARUBA) based laptop. I didn't have time yet to track down
where exactly it is going wrong, but I bisected it down to this single

I don't have the VCE firmware installed on this system, so from a quick
look at the code I would expect it to drop out pretty early and just
leave the VCE unconfigured, but otherwise keep things working as before.
This is unfortunately not the case.
If the radeon driver is built into the kernel (or loaded from the
initrd?), the attempt to load the firmware might take a long time to
time out.

Gah. Thanks, I was too impatient to wait for the firmware loading to
time out. In fact this is a standard Fedora kernel config, so radeon is
a module, but it is built into the initrd.

So it's not really readeons fault, but one more iteration of the fact
that anything involving firmware loading is just horribly inconvenient.
Especially if it's firmware for an optional component.

Yeah, exactly. The timeout for loading the firmware is really long on both the standard Fedora as well as Ubuntu kernels. Not sure if that's the default or just their configuration.

While it doesn't have the highest priority for us I usually still do tests if working without firmware still works once or twice during the upstreaming process. So if you really find that the box doesn't work without the firmware leave me a note and I will fix it.

Best regards,


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