Re: [tip:perf/core] tools lib api fs: Remove debugfs, tracefs and findfs objects

From: Matt Fleming
Date: Thu Sep 24 2015 - 08:16:01 EST

On Wed, 23 Sep, at 10:44:56AM, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo wrote:
> Of course, in these days of CI, I'd love if someone would hook 'make -C
> tools/perf build-test' and 'perf test' somewhere to be run for every
> changeset.

Yes please!

> BTW, tools/vm/ was reported yesterday and a fix is already in
> tip/perf/core/:
> Age Commit message (Expand) Author Files Lines
> 12 hours tools vm: Fix build due to removal of tools/lib/api/fs/debugfs.h Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo 1 -3/+3

It's not that this wasn't fixed quickly (kudos for that, btw), rather
it's that the breakage should have been avoided altogether.

But if this is an isolated incident, then fair enough, I'll stop

Matt Fleming, Intel Open Source Technology Center
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