[GIT PULL] Thermal management updates for v4.3-rc3

From: Zhang Rui
Date: Thu Sep 24 2015 - 21:48:30 EST

Hi, Linus,

Please pull from
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rzhang/linux.git next

to receive the latest Thermal Management updates for 4.3-rc3 with
top-most commit 97584d1838b7e2545c3b10aacef3327fcaa9531b:

thermal: power_allocator: exit early if there are no cooling devices
(2015-09-20 15:37:16 +0800)

on top of commit 6ff33f3902c3b1c5d0db6b1e2c70b6d76fba357f:

Linux 4.3-rc1 (2015-09-12 16:35:56 -0700)


- Power allocator governor changes to allow binding on thermal zones
with missing power estimates information. From: Javi Merino.

- Add compile test flags on thermal drivers that allow it without
producing compilation errors. From: Eduardo Valentin.

- Fixes around memory allocation on cpu_cooling. From: Javi Merino.

- Fix on db8500 cpufreq code to allow autoload. From: Luis de

- Maintainer entries for cpu cooling device.


Eduardo Valentin (10):
thermal: hisi: allow compile test
thermal: spear: allow compile test
thermal: rockchip: allow compile test
thermal: kirkwood: allow compile test
thermal: dove: allow compile test
thermal: armada: allow compile test
thermal: exynos: allow compile test
thermal: qcom_spmi: allow compile test
thermal: ti-soc: allow compile test
thermal: ti-soc: Kconfig fix to avoid menu showing wrongly

Javi Merino (7):
thermal: cpu_cooling: don't call kcalloc() under rcu_read_lock
thermal: cpu_cooling: free power table on error or when
thermal: Add a function to get the minimum power
thermal: power_allocator: relax the requirement of a
sustainable_power in tzp
thermal: power_allocator: relax the requirement of two passive
trip points
thermal: power_allocator: don't require tzp to be present for the
thermal zone
thermal: power_allocator: exit early if there are no cooling

Luis de Bethencourt (1):
thermal: db8500_cpufreq_cooling: Fix module autoload for OF
platform driver

Punit Agrawal (1):
thermal: Fix thermal_zone_of_sensor_register to match

Viresh Kumar (1):
thermal: cpu_cooling: Add MAINTAINERS entry

Documentation/thermal/power_allocator.txt | 2 +-
drivers/thermal/Kconfig | 17 ++-
drivers/thermal/cpu_cooling.c | 52 ++++---
drivers/thermal/db8500_cpufreq_cooling.c | 1 +
drivers/thermal/power_allocator.c | 243
drivers/thermal/thermal_core.c | 28 ++++
drivers/thermal/ti-soc-thermal/Kconfig | 8 +-
include/linux/thermal.h | 8 +-
9 files changed, 269 insertions(+), 100 deletions(-)

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