Linux 4.3-rc3

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun Sep 27 2015 - 07:58:52 EST

So as usual, rc3 is actually bigger than rc2 (fixes are starting to
trickle in), but nothing particularly alarming stands out.

Everything looks normal: the bulk is drivers (all over, but gpu and
networking are the biggest parts) and architecture updates. There's
also networking and filesystem updates, along with documentation..

Go get it,



Adam Thomson (1):
ASoC: fsl_ssi: Fix checking of dai format for AC97 mode

Alex Deucher (2):
drm/amdgpu: Fix max_vblank_count value for current display engines
drm/amdgpu: Sprinkle drm_modeset_lock_all to appease locking checks

Alex Williamson (3):
PCI/MSI: Fix MSI IRQ domains for VFs on virtual buses
PCI: Fix devfn for VPD access through function 0
PCI: Use function 0 VPD for identical functions, regular VPD for others

Alexandre Belloni (1):
spi: atmel: remove warning when !CONFIG_PM_SLEEP

Alexey Khoroshilov (2):
irda: ali-ircc: Fix deadlock in ali_ircc_sir_change_speed()
usb: gadget: amd5536udc: fix error handling in udc_pci_probe()

Anatol Pomozov (1):
ASoC: Document snd-soc-dummy-dai purpose

Anatoli Antonovitch (1):
drm/amdgpu: execution barrier after fence v2

Andrea Arcangeli (5):
userfaultfd: revert "userfaultfd: waitqueue: add nr wake
parameter to __wake_up_locked_key"
userfaultfd: selftest: headers fixup
userfaultfd: selftest: avoid my_bcmp false positives with powerpc
userfaultfd: selftest: return an error if BOUNCE_VERIFY fails
userfaultfd: selftest: don't error out if pthread_mutex_t isn't identical

Andreas Dilger (1):
staging/lustre: change Lustre URLs and mailing list

Andrew F. Davis (1):
regulator: tps65218: Fix missing zero typo

Andrey Ryabinin (1):
x86, efi, kasan: #undef memset/memcpy/memmove per arch

Andrzej Hajda (3):
hwrng: xgene - fix handling platform_get_irq
drm/amdgpu: use kmemdup rather than duplicating its implementation
drm/layerscape: fix handling fsl_dcu_drm_plane_index result

Andy Gross (1):
firmware: qcom: scm: Add function stubs for ARM64

Andy Lutomirski (2):
x86/paravirt: Replace the paravirt nop with a bona fide empty function
x86/nmi/64: Fix a paravirt stack-clobbering bug in the NMI code

Archit Taneja (2):
drm/mgag200: Fix error handling paths in fbdev driver
drm/mgag200: Fix driver_load error handling

Arnaud Pouliquen (1):
ASoC: sti: check return of of_property_read

Arnd Bergmann (1):
bnx2x: use ktime_get_seconds() for timestamp

Axel Lin (3):
ASoC: au1x: psc-i2s: Fix unused variable 'ret' warning
ARM: pxa: balloon3: Fix build error

Benjamin Gaignard (1):
ARM: sti: dt: adapt DT to fix probe/bind issues in DRM driver

Benjamin Romer (2):
staging: unisys: stop device registration before visorbus registration
staging: unisys: visornic: handle error return from device registration

Bin Liu (3):
usb: musb: ensure in peripheral mode when checking session
usb: musb: dsps: fix polling in device-only mode
usb: musb: fix cppi channel teardown for isoch transfer

Bjorn Helgaas (2):
PCI: Revert "PCI: Call pci_read_bridge_bases() from core instead
of arch code"
PCI: Clear IORESOURCE_UNSET when clipping a bridge window

Borislav Petkov (1):
cpu/cacheinfo: Fix teardown path

Carl Frederik Werner (1):
ARM: dts: omap3-beagle: make i2c3, ddc and tfp410 gpio work again

Charles Keepax (1):
regulator: core: Correct return value check in regulator_resolve_supply

Christian Engelmayer (2):
drm/vmwgfx: Fix uninitialized return in vmw_cotable_unbind()
drm/vmwgfx: Fix uninitialized return in vmw_kms_helper_dirty()

Christian Gromm (1):
staging: most: Add dependency to HAS_IOMEM

Christian KÃnig (13):
drm/amdgpu: add option to disable semaphores
drm/amdgpu: use write confirm for vm_flush()
drm/amdgpu: signal scheduler fence when hw submission fails v3
drm/amdgpu: move scheduler fence callback into fence v2
drm/amdgpu: remove process_job callback from the scheduler
drm/amdgpu: fix overflow on 32bit systems
drm/amdgpu: export reservation_object from dmabuf to ttm (v2)
drm/amdgpu: validate duplicates in the CS as well
drm/amdgpu: use only one reservation object for each VM v2
drm/amdgpu: cleanup entity init
drm/amdgpu: rename fence->scheduler to sched v2
drm/amdgpu: cleanup fence queue init v2
drm/amdgpu: more scheduler cleanups v2

Chunming Zhou (1):
drm/amdgpu: add tracepoint for scheduler (v2)

Conor McLoughlin (1):
crypto: qat - VF should never trigger SBR on PH

Dan Carpenter (4):
drm/amdgpu: unwind properly in amdgpu_cs_parser_init()
drm/amdgpu: integer overflow in amdgpu_info_ioctl()
drm/amdgpu: info leak in amdgpu_gem_metadata_ioctl()
drm/amdgpu: integer overflow in amdgpu_mode_dumb_create()

Daniel Borkmann (1):
netlink, mmap: transform mmap skb into full skb on taps

Daniel Vetter (2):
staging/android: Update ION TODO per LPC discussion
drm/radeon: Sprinkle drm_modeset_lock_all to appease locking checks

Dave Airlie (1):
drm/qxl: only report first monitor as connected if we have no state

Dave Gerlach (1):
ARM: OMAP2+: AM43XX: Enable autoidle for clks in am43xx_init_late

David Ahern (3):
net: Add documentation for VRF device
net: Fix vti use case with oif in dst lookups
net: Fix panic in icmp_route_lookup

David Daney (1):
of_pci_irq: Silence bogus "of_irq_parse_pci() failed ..." messages.

David Hildenbrand (1):
KVM: disable halt_poll_ns as default for s390x

David Kershner (3):
staging: unisys: unregister netdev when create debugfs fails
staging: unisys: visornic: Fix receive bytes statistics
staging: unisys: visorbus: Unregister driver on error

David Woodhouse (10):
solos-pci: Increase headroom on received packets
8139cp: Use dev_kfree_skb_any() instead of dev_kfree_skb() in
8139cp: Call __cp_set_rx_mode() from cp_tx_timeout()
Fix AF_PACKET ABI breakage in 4.2
8139cp: Do not re-enable RX interrupts in cp_tx_timeout()
8139cp: Fix tx_queued debug message to print correct slot numbers
8139cp: Fix TSO/scatter-gather descriptor setup
8139cp: Reduce duplicate csum/tso code in cp_start_xmit()
8139cp: Fix DMA unmapping of transmitted buffers
8139cp: Dump contents of descriptor ring on TX timeout

Dexuan Cui (1):
Drivers: hv: vmbus: fix init_vp_index() for reloading hv_netvsc

Dmitriy Vyukov (1):
lib: fix data race in rhashtable_rehash_one

Douglas Anderson (1):
ARM: dts: Add ddc i2c reference to veyron

Dr. David Alan Gilbert (1):
userfaultfd: register uapi generic syscall (aarch64)

Eduardo Valentin (10):
thermal: hisi: allow compile test
thermal: spear: allow compile test
thermal: rockchip: allow compile test
thermal: kirkwood: allow compile test
thermal: dove: allow compile test
thermal: armada: allow compile test
thermal: exynos: allow compile test
thermal: qcom_spmi: allow compile test
thermal: ti-soc: allow compile test
thermal: ti-soc: Kconfig fix to avoid menu showing wrongly

Eric Dumazet (6):
net/mlx4_en: really allow to change RSS key
tcp_cubic: do not set epoch_start in the future
tcp/dccp: fix timewait races in timer handling
inet: fix races in reqsk_queue_hash_req()
tcp: add proper TS val into RST packets
bnx2x: byte swap rss_key to comply to Toeplitz specs

Erik Hugne (1):
tipc: reinitialize pointer after skb linearize

Felipe Balbi (1):
usb: dwc3: omap: enable irqs lately

Filipe Manana (3):
Btrfs: don't initialize a space info as full to prevent ENOSPC
Btrfs: remove unnecessary locking of cleaner_mutex to avoid deadlock
Btrfs: fix read corruption of compressed and shared extents

Florian Westphal (3):
netfilter: nf_log: don't zap all loggers on unregister
netfilter: bridge: fix routing of bridge frames with call-iptables=1
ipv6: ip6_fragment: fix headroom tests and skb leak

Frans Klaver (1):
ARM: OMAP3: vc: fix 'or' always true warning

Gautham R. Shenoy (1):
KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Pass the correct trap argument to kvmhv_commence_exit

Geert Uytterhoeven (3):
Staging: most: MOST and MOSTCORE should depend on HAS_DMA
drivers: sh: Disable legacy default PM Domain on emev2
drivers: sh: Disable PM runtime for multi-platform ARM with genpd

Geliang Tang (2):
spi: fix kernel-doc warnings in spi.h
drm/i915: fix kernel-doc warnings in intel_audio.c

Grazvydas Ignotas (2):
ARM: dts: omap5-uevm.dts: fix i2c5 pinctrl offsets
ARM: omap2plus_defconfig: enable GPIO_PCA953X

Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):
MAINTAINERS: remove amd5536udc USB gadget driver maintainer

Grygorii Strashko (1):
ARM: OMAP2+: omap-device: fix race deferred probe of omap_hsmmc
vs omap_device_late_init

Guenter Roeck (1):
spi: Fix documentation of spi_alloc_master()

Guillaume Nault (1):
ppp: fix lockdep splat in ppp_dev_uninit()

Hans de Goede (2):
devicetree: bindings: Extend the bma180 bindings with bma250 info
extcon: Fix attached value returned by is_extcon_changed

Hariprasad Shenai (1):
cxgb4: add device ID for few T5 adapters

Heiko Carstens (5):
s390: fix floating point register corruption
s390: wire up userfaultfd system call
s390/compat: do not trace compat wrapper functions
s390/compat: remove superfluous compat wrappers
s390: wire up separate socketcalls system calls

Hendrik Brueckner (1):
s390/cpum_cf: Corrected return code for unauthorized counter sets

Herbert Xu (2):
netlink: Fix autobind race condition that leads to zero port ID
netlink: Replace rhash_portid with bound

Igor Kotrasinski (4):
usb: gadget: dummy_hcd: emulate sending zlp in packet logic
usb: gadget: dummy_hcd: fix unneeded else-if condition
usb: gadget: dummy_hcd: fix rescan logic for transfer
usb: gadget: dummy_hcd: in transfer(), return data sent, not limit

Igor Mammedov (1):
kvm: svm: reset mmu on VCPU reset

Ivan Vecera (1):
bna: check for dma mapping errors

J. Bruce Fields (1):
nfs: fix v4.2 SEEK on files over 2 gigs

Jani Nikula (1):
drm/i915/bios: handle MIPI Sequence Block v3+ gracefully

Jann Horn (1):
security: fix typo in security_task_prctl

Jarkko Nikula (1):
ARM: pxa: ssp: Fix build error by removing originally incorrect DT binding

Javi Merino (7):
thermal: cpu_cooling: don't call kcalloc() under rcu_read_lock
thermal: cpu_cooling: free power table on error or when unregistering
thermal: Add a function to get the minimum power
thermal: power_allocator: relax the requirement of a
sustainable_power in tzp
thermal: power_allocator: relax the requirement of two passive trip points
thermal: power_allocator: don't require tzp to be present for
the thermal zone
thermal: power_allocator: exit early if there are no cooling devices

Javier Martinez Canillas (5):
ARM: dts: omap3-igep: Move eth IRQ pinmux to IGEPv2 common dtsi
spi: mediatek: fix wrong error return value on probe
net: ks8851: Export OF module alias information
usb: phy: isp1301: Export I2C module alias information
gpio: mention in DT binding doc that <name>-gpio is deprecated

Jeff Mahoney (1):
btrfs: skip waiting on ordered range for special files

Jenny Derzhavetz (7):
iser-target: remove command with state ISTATE_REMOVE
iser-target: Put the reference on commands waiting for unsol data
iser-target: Remove unused variables
iser-target: Remove np_ prefix from isert_np members
iser-target: Fix pending connections handling in target stack
shutdown sequnce
iser-target: Change the recv buffers posting logic
iser-target: Skip data copy if all the command data comes as immediate

Jesse Barnes (1):
drm/i915: workaround bad DSL readout v3

Jesse Gross (2):
openvswitch: Fix mask generation for nested attributes.
openvswitch: Zero flows on allocation.

Jiri Benc (8):
vxlan: set needed headroom correctly
vxlan: reject IPv6 addresses if IPv6 is not configured
qlcnic: track vxlan port count
be2net: allow offloading with the same port for IPv4 and IPv6
bnx2x: track vxlan port count
MAINTAINERS: remove bouncing email address for qlcnic
ipv4: send arp replies to the correct tunnel
lwtunnel: remove source and destination UDP port config option

Joe Stringer (2):
openvswitch: Fix dependency on IPv6 defrag.
openvswitch: Fix IPv6 exthdr handling with ct helpers.

Johan Hedberg (1):
Bluetooth: Delay check for conn->smp in smp_conn_security()

Johan Hovold (1):
USB: whiteheat: fix potential null-deref at probe

Johannes Berg (1):
mac80211: fix VHT MCS mask array overrun

John Lin (1):
ASoC: rt5645: Add struct dmi_system_id "Google Ultima" for chrome platform

John W. Linville (3):
geneve: remove vlan-related feature assignment
geneve: ensure ECN info is handled properly in all tx/rx paths
geneve: use network byte order for destination port config parameter

Jonathan McDowell (1):
tty: serial: Add missing module license for 8250_base.ko

Josef Bacik (1):
Btrfs: keep dropped roots in cache until transaction commit

Joseph Qi (1):
ocfs2/dlm: fix deadlock when dispatch assert master

Julia Lawall (5):
atm: he: drop null test before destroy functions
net: core: drop null test before destroy functions
dccp: drop null test before destroy functions
SUNRPC: drop null test before destroy functions
usb: gadget: drop null test before destroy functions

Junwei Zhang (2):
drm/amdgpu: refine the job naming for amdgpu_job and amdgpu_sched_job
drm/amdgpu: refine the scheduler job type conversion

Jyri Sarha (1):
ASoC: davinci-mcasp: Set .symmetric_rates = 1 in snd_soc_dai_driver

Karicheri, Muralidharan (6):
net: netcp: remove dead code from the driver
net: netcp: move netcp_register_interface() to after attach module
net: netcp: add error check to netcp_allocate_rx_buf()
net: netcp: check for interface handle in netcp_module_probe()
net: netcp: allocate buffers to desc before re-enable interrupt
net: netcp: fix deadlock reported by lockup detector

Kevin Hao (1):
Revert "net/phy: Add Vitesse 8641 phy ID"

Kinglong Mee (4):
nfs/filelayout: Fix NULL reference caused by double freeing of fh_array
NFS: Do cleanup before resetting pageio read/write to mds
NFS: Fix an infinite loop when layoutget fail with BAD_STATEID
NFS: Skip checking ds_cinfo.buckets when lseg's commit_through_mds is set

Kirill A. Shutemov (1):
mm, dax: VMA with vm_ops->pfn_mkwrite wants to be write-notified

Kishon Vijay Abraham I (5):
regulator: pbias: program pbias register offset in pbias driver
ARM: dts: am57xx-beagle-x15: Fix regulator populated in MMC1 dt node
ARM: dts: Use ti,pbias compatible string for pbias
ARM: omap2plus_defconfig: make PCF857x built-in
ARM: dts: fix omap2+ address translation for pbias

Knuth Posern (1):
thunderbolt: Allow loading of module on recent Apple MacBooks
with thunderbolt 2 controller

Koro Chen (1):
ASoC: mediatek: Increase periods_min in capture

Leilk Liu (4):
spi: mediatek: remove clk_disable_unprepare()
spi: mediatek: fix spi clock usage error
spi: Mediatek: Document devicetree bindings update for spi bus
spi: mediatek: fix spi cs polarity error

Leo Liu (4):
drm/amdgpu: Disable UVD PG
drm/amdgpu: make UVD handle checking more strict
drm/amdgpu: fix the UVD suspend sequence order
drm/amdgpu: fix UVD suspend and resume for VI APU

Li Jun (1):
usb: chipidea: imx: fix a typo for imx6sx

Liam Girdwood (1):
ASoC: intel: Fix SSP port configuration after RTD3 resume.

Linus LÃssing (1):
bridge: fix igmpv3 / mldv2 report parsing

Linus Torvalds (1):
Linux 4.3-rc3

Liu.Zhao (1):
USB: option: add ZTE PIDs

Lorenzo Pieralisi (1):
Documentation: arm: Fix typo in the idle-states bindings examples

Ludovic Desroches (1):
irqchip/atmel-aic5: Use per chip mask caches in mask/unmask()

Luis de Bethencourt (13):
thermal: db8500_cpufreq_cooling: Fix module autoload for OF
platform driver
usb: musb: ux500: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
regulator: anatop: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
regulator: gpio: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
regulator: vexpress: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
spi: meson: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
net: arc: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
net: systemport: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
net: bcmgenet: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
net: gianfar_ptp: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
net: moxa: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
net: phy: mdio-bcm-unimac: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
net: phy: mdio-gpio: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver

Maarten Lankhorst (1):
drm/i915: Add primary plane to mask if it's visible

Maciej S. Szmigiero (1):
ASoC: fsl-asoc-card: put ASRC OF node in case of unknown device

Marcelo Ricardo Leitner (1):
sctp: fix race on protocol/netns initialization

Mark Hounschell (1):
staging: dgap: Remove myself from the MAINTAINERS file

Mark Rutland (1):
Docs: dt: add #msi-cells to GICv3 ITS binding

Martin KaFai Lau (5):
ipv6: Refactor common ip6gre_tunnel_init codes
ipv6: Rename the dst_cache helper functions in ip6_tunnel
ipv6: Fix dst_entry refcnt bugs in ip6_tunnel
ipv6: Avoid double dst_free
ipv6: Replace spinlock with seqlock and rcu in ip6_tunnel

Martin Schwidefsky (3):
s390/hibernate: fix save and restore of vector registers
s390/compat: correct uc_sigmask of the compat signal frame
s390/vtime: correct scaled cputime for SMT

Martin Sperl (1):
spi: bcm2835: BUG: fix wrong use of PAGE_MASK

Martyn Welch (1):
MAINTAINERS: Update email address for Martyn Welch

Masahiro Yamada (1):
of: add vendor prefix for Socionext Inc.

Mathias Nyman (4):
usb: Use the USB_SS_MULT() macro to get the burst multiplier.
xhci: give command abortion one more chance before killing xhci
xhci: change xhci 1.0 only restrictions to support xhci 1.1
xhci: init command timeout timer earlier to avoid deleting it

Mathieu Desnoyers (2):
s390/s390x: allocate sys_membarrier system call number
membarrier: clean up selftest

Matt Bennett (2):
ip6_gre: Reduce log level in ip6gre_err() to debug
ip6_tunnel: Reduce log level in ip6_tnl_err() to debug

Matthew Garrett (1):
usbnet: New driver for QinHeng CH9200 devices

Max Filippov (1):
spi: xtensa-xtfpga: fix register endianness

Maxim Sheviakov (1):
drm/radeon: add quirk for MSI R7 370

Michael Ellerman (2):
powerpc: Wire up sys_membarrier()
userfaultfd: selftest: only warn if __NR_userfaultfd is undefined

Michael Grzeschik (2):
ARCNET: fix hard_header_len limit
MAINTAINERS: add arcnet and take maintainership

Michael Holzheu (1):
s390/configs//zfcpdump_defconfig: Remove CONFIG_MEMSTICK

Michael S. Tsirkin (1):
macvtap: fix TUNSETSNDBUF values > 64k

Mike Snitzer (2):
dm thin: disable discard support for thin devices if pool's is disabled
dm crypt: constrain crypt device's max_segment_size to PAGE_SIZE

Naoya Horiguchi (1):
mm: migrate: hugetlb: putback destination hugepage to active list

Nathan Sullivan (2):
usb: chipidea: add xilinx zynq platform data
Documentation: bindings: add doc for zynq USB

Neil Armstrong (1):
net: dsa: Fix Marvell Egress Trailer check

Neil Horman (1):
netpoll: Close race condition between poll_one_napi and napi_disable

Nicholas Bellinger (5):
target: Fix PR registration + APTPL RCU conversion regression
target: Propigate backend read-only to core_tpg_add_lun
target: Fix target_sense_desc_format NULL pointer dereference
target: Make TCM_WRITE_PROTECT failure honor D_SENSE bit
iscsi-target: Avoid OFMarker + IFMarker negotiation

Nicolas Chauvet (1):
ARM: dts: Fixup model name for HP t410 dts

Nicolas Dichtel (2):
iptunnel: make rx/tx bytes counters consistent
ip6tunnel: make rx/tx bytes counters consistent

Nikola Forrà (1):
net: Fix behaviour of unreachable, blackhole and prohibit routes

Nishanth Menon (6):
ARM: dts: am57xx-beagle-x15: Add wakeup irq for mcp79410
ARM: OMAP4+: PM: erratum is used by OMAP5 and DRA7 as well
ARM: OMAP2+: board-generic: Remove stale of_irq macros
ARM: DRA7: Select missing options for SoC only build
ARM: OMAP5: Cleanup options for SoC only build
ARM: dts: am57xx-beagle-x15: Update Phy supplies

Oder Chiou (4):
ASoC: rt5645: Remove incorrect settings
ASoC: rt5645: Use the type SOC_DAPM_SINGLE_AUTODISABLE to
prevent the weird sound in runtime of power up
ASoC: rt5645: Increase the delay time to remove the pop sound
ASoC: rt5645: Prevent the pop sound in case of playback and the
jack is plugging

Olga Kornievskaia (1):
Failing to send a CLOSE if file is opened WRONLY and server
reboots on a 4.x mount

Pablo Neira Ayuso (2):
netfilter: nft_compat: skip family comparison in case of NFPROTO_UNSPEC
netfilter: nf_log: wait for rcu grace after logger unregistration

Paolo Bonzini (4):
KVM: x86: trap AMD MSRs for the TSeg base and mask
KVM: svm: do not call kvm_set_cr0 from init_vmcb
KVM: x86: use correct page table format to check nested page
table reserved bits
KVM: x86: fix off-by-one in reserved bits check

Pascal Huerst (1):
usb: musb: Disable interrupts on suspend, enable them on resume

Paul Mackerras (1):
KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Fix handling of interrupted VCPUs

Peng Tao (2):
nfs: fix pg_test page count calculation
NFS41: make close wait for layoutreturn

Peter Chen (1):
usb: chipidea: udc: using the correct stall implementation

Peter Seiderer (1):
cifs: use server timestamp for ntlmv2 authentication

Peter Ujfalusi (2):
ASoC: davinci-mcasp: Revise the FIFO threshold calculation
ASoC: davinci-mcasp: Fix devm_kasprintf format string

Phil Sutter (1):
net: qdisc: enhance default_qdisc documentation

Pravin B Shelar (1):
skbuff: Fix skb checksum flag on skb pull

Punit Agrawal (3):
thermal: Fix thermal_zone_of_sensor_register to match documentation
of: thermal: Fix inconsitency between cooling-*-state and cooling-*-level
of: thermal: Mark cooling-*-level properties optional

Randy Dunlap (2):
staging: most: fix HDM_USB dependencies and build errors
usb: phy: fix phy-qcom-8x16-usb build

Richard Fitzgerald (1):
MAINTAINERS: Update website and git repo for Wolfson Microelectronics

Robert Baldyga (1):
usb: gadget: fix possible regression introduced with ep->claimed

Robert Jarzmik (3):
ARM: pxa: fix DFI bus lockups on startup
ASoC: fix broken pxa SoC support
ASoC: pxa: pxa2xx-ac97: fix dma requestor lines

Roger Quadros (7):
usb: phy: phy-generic: Fix reset behaviour on legacy boot
ARM: dts: am57xx-beagle-x15: use palmas-usb for USB2
usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix BUG in RT config
usb: xhci: lock mutex on xhci_stop
usb: xhci: Clear XHCI_STATE_DYING on start
usb: xhci: stop everything on the first call to xhci_stop
usb: xhci: exit early in xhci_setup_device() if we're halted or dying

Roopa Prabhu (2):
rtnetlink: catch -EOPNOTSUPP errors from ndo_bridge_getlink
ipv6: include NLM_F_REPLACE in route replace notifications

Russell King (14):
ARM: wire up new syscalls
net: dsa: actually force the speed on the CPU port
ARM: alignment: fix alignment handling for uaccess changes
phy: fix of_mdio_find_bus() device refcount leak
net: dsa: fix of_mdio_find_bus() device refcount leak
phy: fix mdiobus module safety
phy: add proper phy struct device refcounting
of_mdio: fix MDIO phy device refcounting
net: fix phy refcounting in a bunch of drivers
phy: fixed-phy: properly validate phy in fixed_phy_update_state()
phy: add phy_device_remove()
net: fix net_device refcounting
phy: marvell: add link partner advertised modes
net: update docbook comment for __mdiobus_register()

Sara Sharon (1):
mac80211: reset CQM history upon reconfiguration

Sasha Levin (1):
atm: deal with setting entry before mkip was called

Sergei Shtylyov (1):
PCI: rcar: Add R8A7794 support

Shawn Lin (1):
staging: ion: fix corruption of ion_import_dma_buf

Simon Guinot (1):
net: mvneta: fix DMA buffer unmapping in mvneta_rx()

Sjoerd Simons (1):
net: stmmac: Use msleep rather then udelay for reset delay

Sowmini Varadhan (2):
sunvnet: Invoke SET_NETDEV_DEV() to set up the vdev in vnet_new()
lib/iommu-common.c: do not try to deref a null
iommu->lazy_flush() pointer when n < pool->hint

Stefan Wahren (2):
staging: fbtft: fix 9-bit SPI support detection
staging: fbtft: replace master->setup() with spi_setup()

Steve French (3):
disabling oplocks/leases via module parm enable_oplocks broken for SMB3
[SMB3] Fix sec=krb5 on smb3 mounts
fix encryption error checks on mount

Sudeep Holla (1):
net: gianfar: remove misuse of IRQF_NO_SUSPEND flag

Sudip Mukherjee (8):
ASoC: wm0010: fix memory leak
regulator: core: fix possible NULL dereference
ASoC: dapm: fix memory leak
spi: spidev: fix possible NULL dereference
staging: unisys: remove reference of visorutil
ASoC: wm0010: fix memory leak
ASoC: wm0010: fix error path
net: via/Kconfig: GENERIC_PCI_IOMAP required if PCI not selected

Sylvain Rochet (1):
usb: gadget: atmel_usba_udc: add ep capabilities support on
device tree binding

Takashi Iwai (2):
ALSA: hda/tegra - async probe for avoiding module loading deadlock
ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads

Taku Izumi (1):
fjes: fix off-by-one error at fjes_hw_update_zone_task()

Tan, Jui Nee (1):
spi: spi-pxa2xx: Check status register to determine if SSSR_TINT
is disabled

Tejun Heo (3):
Revert "cgroup: simplify threadgroup locking"
Revert "sched, cgroup: replace signal_struct->group_rwsem with a
global percpu_rwsem"
cgroup, writeback: don't enable cgroup writeback on traditional

Teresa Remmet (1):
ARM: dts: am335x-phycore-som: Fix mpu voltage

Thierry Reding (1):
userfaultfd: selftests: vm: pick up sanitized kernel headers

Thomas Hellstrom (5):
drm/vmwgfx: Fix up user_dmabuf refcounting
drm/vmwgfx: Map the fifo as cached
drm/ttm: Fix memory space allocation v2
drm/vmwgfx: Only build on X86
drm: Allow also control clients to check the drm version

Thomas Huth (1):
KVM: PPC: Book3S: Take the kvm->srcu lock in

Thomas Petazzoni (1):
crypto: marvell - properly handle

Tobias Klauser (1):
ch9200: Convert to use module_usb_driver

Tomas Winkler (1):
mei: fix debugfs files leak on error path

Tomer Barletz (1):
xhci: Move xhci_pme_quirk() behind #ifdef CONFIG_PM

Tony Lindgren (3):
ARM: OMAP2+: Fix booting if no timer parent clock is available
ARM: omap2plus_defconfig: Enable MUSB DMA support
ARM: dts: Fix dm814x control base to properly initialize Ethernet PHY

Trond Myklebust (6):
SUNRPC: Fix races between socket connection and destroy code
SUNRPC: Ensure that we wait for connections to complete before retrying
SUNRPC: Lock the transport layer on shutdown
SUNRPC: xs_sock_mark_closed() does not need to trigger socket autoclose
NFSv4: Recovery of recalled read delegations is broken
NFSv4.x/pnfs: Don't try to recover stateids twice in layoutget

Tycho Andersen (1):
ebpf: emit correct src_reg for conditional jumps

Vaibhav Jain (1):
cxl: Fix lockdep warning while creating afu_err_buff attribute

Viresh Kumar (1):
thermal: cpu_cooling: Add MAINTAINERS entry

Vishal Mahaveer (2):
ARM: DRA752: Add ID detect for ES2.0
ARM: dts: DRA7: fix a typo in ethernet

Vladimir Davydov (1):
vmscan: fix sane_reclaim helper for legacy memcg

WANG Cong (1):
net: revert "net_sched: move tp->root allocation into fw_init()"

Wilson Kok (1):
fib_rules: fix fib rule dumps across multiple skbs

WingMan Kwok (1):
net: netcp: ethss: fix error in calling sgmii api with incorrect offset

Zidan Wang (4):
ASoC: wm8960: correct the min gain value of some PGA
ASoC: wm8960: correct gain value for input PGA and add microphone PGA
ASoC: wm8962: remove 64k sample rate support
ASoC: wm8960: correct the max register value of mic boost pga

chandan (1):
Btrfs: Direct I/O: Fix space accounting

monk.liu (1):
drm/amdgpu: sync ce and me with SWITCH_BUFFER(2)
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