Re: [PATCH v2] Input: drivers/joystick: use parallel port device model

From: Pali RohÃr
Date: Mon Sep 28 2015 - 12:41:01 EST

On Friday 14 August 2015 08:55:42 Sudip Mukherjee wrote:
> > > Pali RohÃr has the hardware and he is ready to test it.
> >
> > Pali, could you give the v2 version of the patch a spin
> > (
> Adding Pali to the cc list.
> Hi Pali,
> Are you still away from your desktop with the joystick? or can it be
> tested?
> regards
> sudip

Hi all!

I'm back with testing on desktop.

Now I applied above patch on top of 4.2 kernel and patched db9.ko module
works fine with my joystick. xserver-xorg-input-joystick still recognize
it and works fine as pointer device.

If you are curious I have connected this model to parallel port:

It is identified as "Multisystem joystick", loaded with modprobe config:
options db9 dev=0,1

So now you can add my:

Tested-By: Pali RohÃr <pali.rohar@xxxxxxxxx>

Pali RohÃr

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