Re: [PATCH v2 12/12] media: flash: use led_set_brightness_sync for torch brightness

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Tue Sep 29 2015 - 05:39:53 EST

On Tue 2015-09-29 09:26:27, Jacek Anaszewski wrote:
> Hi Pavel,
> Thanks for the review.
> On 09/28/2015 10:37 PM, Pavel Machek wrote:
> >On Mon 2015-09-28 15:07:21, Jacek Anaszewski wrote:
> >>LED subsystem shifted responsibility for choosing between SYNC or ASYNC
> >>way of setting brightness from drivers to the caller. Adapt the wrapper
> >>to those changes.
> >
> >Umm. Maybe right patch, but wrong position in the queue, no?
> >
> >If I understand changelog correctly, LED flashes will be subtly broken
> >before this patch is applied.
> >
> >I guess this patch should be moved sooner so everything works at each
> >position in bisect...?
> Moving it wouldn't improve anything. It would have to be merged with
> patch 7/12 [1]. However, as you mentioned, LED flashes before this
> patch will be broken only subtly, i.e. torch brightness will be set
> from a work queue task and not synchronously. It would be barely
> noticeable. Nonetheless, I can merge the patches in the next
> version of the patch set.

Ok, flash firing a tiny bit later is probably not huge problem. I
guess it is best to leave the patches as is.

Best regards,

(cesky, pictures)
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