RE: [PATCH v3 1/5] Input: goodix - reset device at init

From: Tirdea, Irina
Date: Tue Sep 29 2015 - 13:47:56 EST

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 1/5] Input: goodix - reset device at init
> On Fri, 2015-09-25 at 21:04 +0000, Tirdea, Irina wrote:
> >
> >
> > The warning from your dmesg output will not cause probe to fail.
> > If you look at the code for byt_gpio_direction_output, it will just
> > print
> > a warning and continue [1]:
> > WARN(readl(conf_reg) & BYT_DIRECT_IRQ_EN,
> > "Potential Error: Setting GPIO with direct_irq_en to
> > output");
> > I thought probe finishes successfully, but due to the warning in
> > dmesg you
> > are not sure whether the IRQ GPIO pin can be used as output.
> > If probe fails, it must be for another reason than the direct_irq_en
> > warning.
> >
> > > Would you have a patch for me to test that would bypass this error,
> > > or
> > > at least fallback gracefully to not resetting, not probing GPIOs if
> > > they're badly setup?
> >
> > If the driver fails to initialize the GPIOs, it will at least print
> > some
> > "Failed to get GPIO" warnings in dmesg. Do you have such messages in
> > dmesg or any additional information on why probe fails?
> >
> > The current code will ignore GPIOs if they are not defined in ACPI
> > (see the check for -ENOENT), but does not ignore other error codes.
> > If you want to bypass all GPIO errors, you can use the code below.
> The failure isn't there, it's when runningÂgoodix_i2c_test():
> Sep 25 16:39:20 winbook kernel: Goodix-TS i2c-GDIX1001:00: i2c test failed attempt 1: -121
> Sep 25 16:39:20 winbook kernel: Goodix-TS i2c-GDIX1001:00: i2c test failed attempt 2: -121
> Sep 25 16:39:20 winbook kernel: Goodix-TS i2c-GDIX1001:00: I2C communication failure: -121
> Sep 25 16:39:20 winbook kernel: Goodix-TS: probe of i2c-GDIX1001:00 failed with error -121

Are you using v6 of the patches? There was an issue with reset that Aleksei reported
and was fixed in v6 (although he had a different i2c error and a different scenario).

> The GPIO setup seems to work (bar the warnings), and the reset as well,
> but then the device fails to communicate. Likely a fallout from the
> reset actually failing.
> Swapping around the RST and INT pins leads to the same problem. Either
> this device's GPIO PINs aren't actually functional, and the firmware
> contains garbage, or something else is wrong.

I agree. Either the interrupt pin cannot be used as output in your configuration
or there are some specifics in the ACPI tables that prevent using these pins.

> I'm not sure how we can detect, and blacklist, those devices. At least
> my original device, the Onda v975w, and the WinBook TW100 would have
> those problems.

I can use DMI quirks to exclude these devices from using the features that
depend on the gpio pins. I already have the DMI information for WinBook TW100
and WinBook TW700. Could you tell me the DMI_SYS_VENDOR and
DMI_PRODUCT_NAME for Onda v975w so I can add it as well?


> Cheers