RE: [PATCH RFC] IB/mad: remove obsolete snoop interface

From: Weiny, Ira
Date: Wed Sep 30 2015 - 15:31:32 EST

> > I have a series of about 5 patches which implement tracing in the MAD
> > stack which I was working through and was going to submit
> Does your MAD stack tracing include the dumping and decode of sent and
> received MADs ?

Yes with a bit more details in some places and probably less in others. It also traces MADs throughout the stack as well. So there is some indication of where they are in the stack umad vs mad for example.

I'll post them later today for RFC. The most recent work I did on them involved a panic (which I fixed). But this is the main reason I have not submitted this series. (I wanted to get more testing on it before submission.)


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