[PATCH 00/44] kdbus cleanups

From: Sergei Zviagintsev
Date: Thu Oct 08 2015 - 07:32:29 EST

Hi all,

This is a set of various kdbus code cleanups. Patches are ordered by
increasing complexity, starting with docs and comments fixes and

Patch 29 is the revised version of

Feel free to ask to change layout of this, split/join, etc if necessary.

Thanks, Sergei

Sergei Zviagintsev (44):
Documentation/kdbus: Document new name registry flags
uapi: kdbus.h: Kernel-doc fixes
kdbus: Kernel-docs and comments trivial fixes
kdbus: Update kernel-doc for struct kdbus_pool
kdbus: Add comment on merging free pool slices
kdbus: Fix kernel-doc for struct kdbus_gaps
kdbus: Fix comment on translation of caps between namespaces
kdbus: Rename var in kdbus_meta_export_caps()
kdbus: Remove unused KDBUS_MSG_MAX_SIZE constant
kdbus: Use conditional operator
kdbus: Cosmetic fix of kdbus_name_is_valid()
kdbus: Use conventional list macros in __kdbus_pool_slice_release()
kdbus: Use list_next_entry() in kdbus_queue_entry_unlink()
kdbus: Simplify expression in kdbus_get_memfd()
kdbus: Simplify bitwise expression in kdbus_meta_get_mask()
kdbus: Drop redundant code from kdbus_name_acquire()
kdbus: Drop duplicated code from kdbus_pool_slice_alloc()
kdbus: Add var initialization to kdbus_conn_entry_insert()
kdbus: Drop useless initialization from kdbus_conn_reply()
kdbus: Drop useless initialization from kdbus_cmd_hello()
kdbus: Cleanup tests in kdbus_cmd_send()
kdbus: Cleanup error path in kdbus_staging_new_user()
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_conn_call()
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_conn_unicast()
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_cmd_conn_info()
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_pin_dst()
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_conn_new()
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_queue_entry_new()
kdbus: Improve tests on incrementing quota
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_meta_proc_mask()
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_conn_move_messages()
kdbus: Remove duplicated code from kdbus_conn_lock2()
kdbus: Improve kdbus_staging_reserve()
kdbus: Improve kdbus_conn_entry_sync_attach()
kdbus: Drop goto from kdbus_queue_entry_link()
kdbus: Improve kdbus_name_release()
kdbus: Fix error path in kdbus_meta_proc_collect_cgroup()
kdbus: Fix error path in kdbus_user_lookup()
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_user_lookup()
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_item_validate_name()
kdbus: Fix memfd install algorithm
kdbus: Check if fd is allocated before trying to free it
kdbus: Give up on failed fd allocation
kdbus: Cleanup kdbus_gaps_install()

Documentation/kdbus/kdbus.name.xml | 42 +++++++++-
include/uapi/linux/kdbus.h | 43 +++++-----
ipc/kdbus/connection.c | 157 +++++++++++++++----------------------
ipc/kdbus/connection.h | 19 ++---
ipc/kdbus/domain.c | 38 +++++----
ipc/kdbus/fs.c | 2 +-
ipc/kdbus/item.c | 26 +++---
ipc/kdbus/limits.h | 3 -
ipc/kdbus/message.c | 81 +++++++++----------
ipc/kdbus/message.h | 9 ++-
ipc/kdbus/metadata.c | 79 ++++++++++---------
ipc/kdbus/names.c | 32 ++++----
ipc/kdbus/node.c | 4 +-
ipc/kdbus/pool.c | 26 +++---
ipc/kdbus/queue.c | 51 ++++++------
ipc/kdbus/queue.h | 2 +-
16 files changed, 298 insertions(+), 316 deletions(-)


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