Re: Linux 4.2.4

From: Gerhard Wiesinger
Date: Sun Oct 25 2015 - 06:49:11 EST

On 25.10.2015 10:46, Willy Tarreau wrote:
ipset *triggered* the problem. The whole stack dump would tell more.

OK, find the stack traces in the bug report:

Kernel 4.1.10 triggered also a kernel dump when playing with ipset commands and IPv6, details in the bug report ....

Kernel 4.2 seems to me not well tested in the netfilter parts at all
(Bug with already known bugfix was
triggered on 2 of 3 of my machines, the new bug on 1 of 1 tested machine).
There's a reason why Greg maintains stable and LTS kernels :-)

Stable kernels don't crash but definiton. :-)

At least triggered 2 kernel panics in 5min, even with 4.1.10 and ipset commands ...


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