[PATCH] uwb: uwbd() is not freezable kthread

From: Jiri Kosina
Date: Sun Oct 25 2015 - 23:06:33 EST

From: Jiri Kosina <jkosina@xxxxxxx>

uwbd() calls try_to_freeze(), but the thread doesn't mark itself freezable
through set_freezable(), so the try_to_freeze() call is useless.

Signed-off-by: Jiri Kosina <jkosina@xxxxxxx>
drivers/uwb/uwbd.c | 1 -
1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/drivers/uwb/uwbd.c b/drivers/uwb/uwbd.c
index bdcb13c..01c20a2 100644
--- a/drivers/uwb/uwbd.c
+++ b/drivers/uwb/uwbd.c
@@ -279,7 +279,6 @@ static int uwbd(void *param)
if (should_stop)
- try_to_freeze();

spin_lock_irqsave(&rc->uwbd.event_list_lock, flags);
if (!list_empty(&rc->uwbd.event_list)) {

Jiri Kosina

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