Re: [PATCH 00/19] staging/wilc1000 cleanups

From: Tony Cho
Date: Tue Oct 27 2015 - 03:10:59 EST

Hi Arnd,
I expect your opinion but I would like to make the patch to revert
the commit bcc43a4b5ed75285aeacf2cf8d9b96d6379fb429 if you don't mind
because the WILC1000 in staging still has compile errors.
Then, we had better make patch for your concerns.

I always appreciate your review and contribution.


On 2015ë 10ì 23ì 16:51, Tony Cho wrote:
Hi Arnd,
First of all, I would like to say "thank you" for your efforts and contributions.
We are updating the driver because new revision came up and making new patches
to make it stable and elegant as Linux driver. In these days, we are sending big changes
while testing such patches and also doing updates at once.

As you did, we are scheduled to provide the patches making device tree and delete all of platform
dependencies as you removed WILC_SDIO_IRQ_GPIO as well as other things. So, I would like to
discuss with you for your series of patch.

In this time, I think it's important to make the driver to be compiled even if the link problem
happens as you reported. So, how about deleting all of SPI related files from source tree and
even from Kconfig for the time being because new bus driver will come or revert
the Kconfig and then can we expect the best patch in the near feature?

I respect your efforts and patches, so your opinion is very important to me.


On 2015ë 10ì 23ì 10:37, glen lee wrote:

On 2015ë 10ì 22ì 21:23, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
On Wednesday 21 October 2015 19:06:52 glen lee wrote:
Hi arnd,

Thanks for the all the patches.
About the patch ( use proper naming for global symbols ),
We are planning to use this driver not only for wilc1000 but also for
other atmel wireless driver. I'd appreciate if you could use wl instead of wilc1000.

And the global variable g_linux_wlan will be placed in netdevice private data
and finally it will be removed. I already posted some of those patches.
I couldn't find the patches anywhere, but I've updated my series now
to rename the symbols to wilc_* and to remove most but not all references to
g_linux_wlan (or wilc_dev after my rename). Do you want me to post those
so you can integrate them, or should I have a look at what you sent first
(please send me a copy then).

Hi arnd,

I have tested with all the patches you have posted but it does not works. firmware start timed out
in the function wilc1000_start_firmware.
I also have tested with all the patched without last one, [RFC] one, but it shows
Segmentation fault when insmod driver.
For now, I can't rebase the patches. I'd appreciate if you could help us.

The title of my first patch is,
[PATCH 01/13] staging: wilc1000: add wilc to netdev private data structure
and also refer to [PATCH 00/12] WILC1000 V2 for the g_linux_wlan
( The patches posted by tony.cho@xxxxxxxxx )

By the way, deleting feature COMPLEMENT_BOOT patch already posted but not yet accepted.

Thank you.


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