MFD/OF: simple-mfd not being matched in 4.1.x

From: Henrik Juul Pedersen
Date: Thu Oct 29 2015 - 06:20:50 EST


A patch for adding 'simple-mfd' match to drivers/of/platform.c was
added to the kernel tree, but is not in the 4.1.x long term branch.
However drivers in the branch (such as at91rm9200 watchdog) requires

linux-stable commit id 22869a9eca4ea5b534538d160b68c7aef44e378a

Could the patch be applied to the 4.1.x tree?

Link to the patch in question on kernel gitweb:

I've cherry-picked it locally on a 4.1.6 arm kernel, and it seems to works fine.

Best regards
Henrik Juul Pedersen
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