[PATCH v2 0/6] Further fix for dsa unbinding

From: Neil Armstrong
Date: Thu Oct 29 2015 - 09:22:53 EST

This serie fixes further issues for DSA dynamic unbinding.
Frode Isaksen's patches make usage of delayed work and fixes kernel
crashes when dsa is unbind.
The other patches are simple fixes to permit cleanup and avoid netdev
related crashes.

v2: remove phy fix and add missing calls in dsa_switch_destroy
then add dedicated dsa_slave_destroy

Frode Isaksen (4):
net: dsa: Use delayed work instead of timer+work for polling
net: dsa: Do not reschedule polling if driver removed
net: dsa: add missing calls in dsa_switch_destroy
net: dsa: move dsa slave destroy code to slave.c

Neil Armstrong (2):
net: dsa: cleanup resources upon module removal
net: dsa: Add missing master netdev dev_put() calls

include/net/dsa.h | 3 +--
net/dsa/dsa.c | 45 +++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------
net/dsa/dsa_priv.h | 1 +
net/dsa/slave.c | 10 ++++++++++
4 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 24 deletions(-)

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