[PATCH] trace_functions_graph: Remove __trace_graph_function

From: Dmitry Safonov
Date: Fri Oct 30 2015 - 15:06:12 EST

__trace_graph_funciton is used in only one location, and is static.
As it's small function there is no need to keep it separated out.

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Safonov <0x7f454c46@xxxxxxxxx>
kernel/trace/trace_functions_graph.c | 11 +----------
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 10 deletions(-)

diff --git a/kernel/trace/trace_functions_graph.c b/kernel/trace/trace_functions_graph.c
index ca98445782acaa..db434d2a9d6243 100644
--- a/kernel/trace/trace_functions_graph.c
+++ b/kernel/trace/trace_functions_graph.c
@@ -360,8 +360,7 @@ static int trace_graph_thresh_entry(struct ftrace_graph_ent *trace)
return trace_graph_entry(trace);

-static void
-__trace_graph_function(struct trace_array *tr,
+void trace_graph_function(struct trace_array *tr,
unsigned long ip, unsigned long flags, int pc)
u64 time = trace_clock_local();
@@ -380,14 +379,6 @@ __trace_graph_function(struct trace_array *tr,
__trace_graph_return(tr, &ret, flags, pc);

-trace_graph_function(struct trace_array *tr,
- unsigned long ip, unsigned long parent_ip,
- unsigned long flags, int pc)
- __trace_graph_function(tr, ip, flags, pc);
void __trace_graph_return(struct trace_array *tr,
struct ftrace_graph_ret *trace,
unsigned long flags,

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