Re: A new, fast and "unbreakable" encryption algorithm

From: Clemens Ladisch
Date: Thu Nov 19 2015 - 04:05:38 EST

Ismail Kizir wrote:
> The essential logic of the algorithm is using the key as a "jump
> table" which is dynamically updated with every "jump" we make.

Sounds like RC4. Please tell us how you are avoiding the weaknesses
that make RC4 insecure.

> Briefly, to decypher a ciphertext, a cracker needs to find out the
> key, and, to find out the key, cracker needs to find out the
> plaintext, because the key is dynamically updated according the
> plaintext during encryption process: Impossible!

That problem has been solved for a long time:

Anyway, I tried to modify your program to encrypt a large message
consisting only of zero bytes. The result did not look random.

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