Re: [PATCH] RTC: RK808: Work around hardware bug on November 31st

From: Julius Werner
Date: Tue Dec 08 2015 - 00:20:02 EST

> Still, you're right that adding the GET_TIME check wouldn't hurt... at
> worst it just does nothing. I'll try it out.

Hmm... so it basically works (when you hack the RTC read out of the
firmware), but only on reboot for some reason (which makes it way less
useful). After a full power off I'm reading only zeroes out until I
transition GET_TIME again. My guess would be that these shadow
registers are not in the RTC power well... I've talked to Alex and he
said that we disable the RK808's main power source in S5, but that
devices without an EC (e.g. phones) would likely leave it on. So I
guess it's still a good extra workaround to keep in the code, but it
will never help on Chromebooks (and there's no point in hacking up our
firmware for it).
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