Re: [PATCH v2] powercap, intel_rapl.c, fix BIOS lock check

From: Jacob Pan
Date: Wed Dec 09 2015 - 11:54:57 EST

On Wed, 9 Dec 2015 08:31:12 -0500
Prarit Bhargava <prarit@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Intel RAPL initialized on several systems where the BIOS lock bit (msr
> 0x610, bit 63) was set. This occured because the return value of
> rapl_read_data_raw() was being checked, rather than the value of the
> variable passed in, locked.
> This patch properly implments the rapl_read_data_raw() call to check
> the variable locked, and now the Intel RAPL driver outputs the
> warning:
> intel_rapl: RAPL package 0 domain package locked by BIOS
> and does not initialize for the package.
> Cc: "Rafael J. Wysocki" <rafael.j.wysocki@xxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Jacob Pan <jacob.jun.pan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Radivoje Jovanovic <radivoje.jovanovic@xxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Seiichi Ikarashi <s.ikarashi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Mathias Krause <minipli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Ajay Thomas <ajay.thomas.david.rajamanickam@xxxxxxxxx>
> Signed-off-by: Prarit Bhargava <prarit@xxxxxxxxxx>
> [v2]: fix brackets

Acked-by: Jacob Pan <jacob.jun.pan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Good catch by Seiichi, thanks.
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