Sound: Realtek ALC3246 static noise

From: Timur Alperovich
Date: Thu Dec 10 2015 - 16:52:23 EST

Hi there,

I've been experiencing an issue with static noise through headphones
with a Realtek ALC3246 chip on a Skylake laptop. The white noise is
present the entire time the headphones are plugged in, but does
disappear when either of the following is done through alsamixer:
1. switch capture to Headphone Mic
2. increase Headphone Mic Boost one level (the next two levels produce
more static noise); the Headphone Mic does not need to be selected for

I'm running the Linux 4.4-rc4 kernel image from the Intel graphics
folks: In particular, the current image
is built from the drm-nightly branch, with the latest sound commit
being: 55913110dde2d -- ALSA: hda - Allow i915 binding later in codec

I've experienced the same issue with 4.3 and prior releases of the 4.4 kernel.

Please let me know if this is better suited for linux-sound (although
that mailing seemed very low traffic) or if this doesn't seem like a
driver issue.

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