Re: [PATCH V6 20/26] perf: changing pmu::setup_aux() parameter to include event

From: Alexander Shishkin
Date: Fri Dec 11 2015 - 09:12:57 EST

Mathieu Poirier <mathieu.poirier@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> For Coresight ETMv3/4 tracers the event carries information
> about trace modes such as user or kernel space tracing and
> whether tracing is allowed when operating in secure mode.

Ok, so it looks to me that what you're doing in your setup_aux with the
event, you should rather be doing in pmu::event_init(), which takes
event as a parameter and it even makes more sense semantically, because
that bit is really configuring the parameters of tracing and not
capturing, which setup_aux() is more about. And the above paragraph also
sounds very much like it. Since in Coresight there is a very clear
distinction between trace generation (sources) and capturing (sinks) it
should also be possible to structure the code in such a way that the
former are not as closely tied to the latter. Please correct me if I'm
missing something.

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