Re: [PATCH 17/19] ARM: dts: armada: replace isil,irq2-can-wakeup-machine with wakeup-source property

From: Sudeep Holla
Date: Tue Dec 15 2015 - 11:39:18 EST

On 21/10/15 11:10, Sudeep Holla wrote:
Though the driver will continue to check for and support the legacy
"isil,irq2-can-wakeup-machine" boolean property to wakeup source,
"wakeup-source" is the new standard binding.

This patch replaces the legacy "isil,irq2-can-wakeup-machine" with the
unified "wakeup-source" property in order to avoid any futher copy-paste

Cc: Jason Cooper <jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Andrew Lunn <andrew@xxxxxxx>
Cc: Gregory Clement <gregory.clement@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Sebastian Hesselbarth <sebastian.hesselbarth@xxxxxxxxx>

Ping, do you prefer taking via your tree or should I send to armsoc
directly ?

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