Re: [rtc-linux] [PATCH 5/6] rtc: max77620: add support for max77620/max20024 RTC driver

From: Laxman Dewangan
Date: Fri Jan 08 2016 - 08:24:09 EST

On Friday 08 January 2016 06:35 PM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
W dniu 08.01.2016 o 19:20, Laxman Dewangan pisze:
Hi Krzysztof,
Thanks for review.

Accepted most of review comment and will update in next patch.

Answer to query:

On Friday 08 January 2016 07:33 AM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:

Actually the MFD and other subsystems are quite decoupled already and
support sharing drivers for common IP block. The problem is that we
develop drivers in a coupled way. This is not only issue of this
particular set of drivers. Others were developed in a same way.

So instead I would be happy to see this driver developed in the
decoupled way so existing RTC driver could be reused. If this requires
changing existing MFD driver like max77686 then please go ahead. I may
provide testing for that purpose. Something similar I made recently to
the max77693 and max77843. Both devices have different parent MFD
drivers but share some of the specific subsystem drivers: regulator and
I replied on other thread. I can decouple the RTC driver for max77620 and will be available for review.
If it looks fine then we can modify the max6868 mfd driver to use this new driver for test purpose.

For this, RTC alarm interrupt need to be EARLY_RESUME.
Okay, this is quite common issue and I think this can be solved by
disabling the IRQ in suspend:

IMHO this would be preferred way because you won't be moving device
suspend/resume callbacks to a syscore level.

I will try for disable_irq() in suspend and enable_irq() in resume.
I hope this will not affect the wakeup property from suspend.