EMCCTD kernel driver Patch for review

From: Singhal, Maneesh
Date: Sat Jan 09 2016 - 04:04:41 EST

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Kindly review the attached patch for the following driver to be added in SCSI subsystem :

"EMCCTD : Client driver implementation for EMC-Symmetrix GuestOS emulated Cut-Through Device. The Cut-Through Device PCI emulation is implemented for GuestOS environments in the HyperMax OS. GuestOS environments allows loading of
any x86 compliant operating systems like Linux/FreeBSD etc.

The client driver is a SCSI HBA implementation which interfaces with SCSI midlayer in the north-bound interfaces and connects with the emulated PCI device on the south side.

The PCI vendor ID:product ID for emulated Cut-Through Device is 0x1120:0x1B00. "

Please let me know if anything is left out.


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