Re: [PATCH] add support for larger files in minix filesystem

From: Joshua Hudson
Date: Sat Jan 09 2016 - 13:45:12 EST

> "you need to binary-patch the field at this offset in superblock first"
> are generally considered rude.

That is in fact the only reason why it's safe. I'm not using Minix at all
and don't care what its limit is. I'm using the Minix fs because it's the
only filesystem lightweight enough and fast enough for the embedded
hardware I am developing for (32K total RAM), and I want to be able
to mount the SD card in Linux.

The only alternative is developing a completely new filesystem, and
that's a lot more pain in the behind for everybody.

I accessed the minix code at
and they use unsigned for the block variables so the kernel would be
fine with it; except for super.c truncates the cap at 2GB, so they
simply won't be able to open large files.

Maybe we'd be happier if I limited this to a new superblock magic value;
and their code won't even mount it.