[ANNOUNCE] MDB Linux Kernel Debugger for Linux Kernel v4.4

From: Jeffrey Merkey
Date: Sun Jan 10 2016 - 21:54:15 EST

MDB Kernel Debugger Patches Released for v4.4

Linux 4.4 Patches

* Linux v4.4 :

Linux 4.4 Branches

* Linux kernel v4.4

MDB Kernel Debugger Patches, Installation and Configuration info
located at:


MDB Kernel Debugger Git Repositories


short log commits for MDB mainline between v4.3 and v4.4

5c88d8b kbuild test robot fengguang.wu@xxxxxxxxx kbuild test robot:
fix bisection duplicate symbol
c55357e kbuild test robot fengguang.wu@xxxxxxxxx Add kbuild test robot patches
a97e248 Jeff Merkey linux.mdb@xxxxxxxxx Add kbuild-test-robot fixes
1bc6c3a Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx add restore function
e876036 Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx add refresh breakpoints logic
c322f5b5 Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx clear debugreg6 DR_TRAP status
920dc3b Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx fix breakpoint disable/restore
9cd7f8d Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx save dr7 value
063088b Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx move dr7 write
6462edd Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx fix read only registers
59a42a1 Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx Add clear dr7
1b04eec Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx fix filp_open call
0d494d7 Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx Correct traps_disable usage
from disassembler, cleanup code refs for SMP.
7ef3ca4 Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx Add support for setting
partial registers. Add ability to detect kgdb/kdb and disable them
at module loading. Add kgdb_active flag to disable MDB is kgdb could
not be disabled.
c482585 Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx Correct check for q,d,w, and
b pointers in expression parsing
eb1bb89 Jeff Merkey jeffmerkey@xxxxxxxxx Add checks for kdb active
state. fix bug in kdb erroneously reporting that an int3 breakpoint
is a catastrophic error.

* Thanks to Intel for providing kbuild test robot patches, bug fixes,
and a very thorough build testing for the mdb v4.4 release.

* Thanks to Joe Perches for providing scripts and tools to start
conversion of MDB to pass checkpatch.pl. Thanks Joe, instead of 6
months of work I only have about two months of work converting MDB to
pass checkpatch.pl. checkpatch work is continuing. This is the only
item left before I attempt to submit MDB as a patch series to Linux.