Re: mfd: smsc-ece1099: Fine-tuning for smsc_i2c_probe()

From: Lee Jones
Date: Tue Jan 12 2016 - 07:04:08 EST

On Tue, 12 Jan 2016, SF Markus Elfring wrote:

> >> Do you request that I should resend my four update suggestions
> >> for different components as a single patch series for the software
> >> area "drivers/mfd"?
> >
> > You have to make that decision yourself.
> I chose on 2015-12-29 to send them in the combination you see.

That was not a good choice.

> > What I'm saying is, if the cover letter says there are 2 patches
> These refer to the component "smsc-ece1099".

That's fine. Then there should have been 2 patches in the set. But
then to attach 2 unrelated patches to the set is not fine. They
should have either been submitted as part of the set i.e. 0/4 or
completely separately.

> > in the set, that's what we should expect.
> Can changes for the components "dm355evm_msp" and "twl-core"
> be clarified independently?

Yes, or together would have also been fine. The only think that is
not okay is to submit a set of 2 patches, then to "bolt-on" another
2 for some reason.

Lee Jones
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