Re: [PATCH V2 0/5] PCIe Xilinx generic driver for Microblaze and

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Tue Jan 12 2016 - 17:30:18 EST

On Tuesday 12 January 2016 23:06:08 Bharat Kumar Gogada wrote:
> This patch series does modifications to pcie-xilinx.c, to support common
> driver on both Zynq and Microblaze architectures.
> Microblaze pci-common.c has been modified to support generic driver.
> I'm aware Paul Burton <paul.burton@xxxxxxxxxx> has also sent patches
> related to pcie-xilinx.c, but I'm unable to comment on them.
> I request Paul Burton to please add me in cc list so that I can comment on
> those patches.

Very nice work overall!

I've commented on a few smaller things that I think could be improved.