Announce loop-AES-v3.7g file/swap crypto package

From: Jari Ruusu
Date: Wed Jan 13 2016 - 04:36:23 EST

loop-AES changes since previous release:
- Fixed a bug in util-linux-2.27.1 patch that resulted in /tmp partition
with random encryption keys not working at all. If /sbin/mkfs was from
older version of util-linux, then this bug did not trigger. This problem
was reported by Gabriel Vlasiu.
- Worked around block layer interface changes on 4.4 kernels.

bzip2 compressed tarball is here:
md5sum 6fb2217b15586295ce949e93538a701d

Jari Ruusu 4096R/8132F189 12D6 4C3A DCDA 0AA4 27BD ACDF F073 3C80 8132 F189