Re: [GIT PULL v4.5] Fix INT1 recursion with unregistered breakpoints

From: Jeff Merkey
Date: Wed Jan 13 2016 - 11:28:58 EST

On 1/11/16, Jeff Merkey <linux.mdb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Anyway Andy,
> If Linus wants to pull it, be my guest -- I think its a bug. If you
> guys want to wait that's ok too. In the meantime, I totally agree
> that someone needs to fix the busted hw_breakpoint notify handling and
> I will focus on that. I appreciate the opportunity to help out and
> thanks for suggesting some areas I can.
> Jeff


OK, I have emailed Andy off line to ask about these other areas in
hw_breakpoint.c with the busted handlers he mentioned and gotten
no response (I guess he does not respond unless there's an audience).

I have other areas I am working on right now, including a new set of
changes from
the kbuild test robot for the debugger I have to get checked in and
regressed and other projects I am working on with Linux. I submitted
this because its a bug, I think you should pull it until Thomas and
his team can come up with a better fix. It's a squeaky clean patch
that has all of Thomas perks and suggestions.

As Thomas stated, the whole subsystem has some issues anyway because
of the way dr6 is handled. I can fix this mess, but its a lot of work
and I am not going to attempt to do so if I am just going to submit a
patch series to folks and have them reject it for whatever reason.

In 18 years Linus I have never put a patch into Linux, this would be
my first. I was really looking forward to finally getting one in.