Re: [PATCH] clocksource: ftm: select CLKSRC_MMIO

From: Daniel Lezcano
Date: Thu Jan 14 2016 - 04:25:50 EST

On 01/14/2016 12:02 AM, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
The ftm clocksource driver does not build if CLKSRC_MMIO is disabled:

drivers/built-in.o: In function `ftm_timer_init':
(init.text+0xd324): undefined reference to `clocksource_mmio_init'
(init.text+0xd484): undefined reference to `clocksource_mmio_readl_up'

This adds the same 'select' statement that the other similar drivers
use. Prior to allowing this driver to be enabled with COMPILE_TEST,
it was apparently unused. I'm not entirely sure who is using this
hardware, but it certainly can't hurt to ensure it builds cleanly.

Hi Arnd,

Thanks for the fix. It is already in Thomas's tree [1].

It has been merged in tip/timers/urgent. You will have to wait a bit this branch to be merged with tip/timers/core.

-- Daniel


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