Re: [PATCH RFC 1/1] ASoC: fsl_ssi: Make fifo watermark and maxburst settings device tree options

From: Nicolin Chen
Date: Thu Jan 14 2016 - 21:33:34 EST

On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 07:31:19PM -0600, Timur Tabi wrote:
> Nicolin Chen wrote:
> >I think DT maintainers may not give a consent towards these two
> >properties as they are not to describe the hardware but to hack
> >software configurations. (And it seems you haven't CCed them.)

> I admit it's a grey area, but the hardware doesn't work if you use
> the wrong value, and it is a fixed value per device. A p1022ds
> would use a different value than in in i.MX6, and once you pick a
> value, it's the same no matter which sample rate, buffer size, etc
> you choose.

Wish we could settle down a common solution for each case. If that
doesn't work for PPC, we may confine the modifications to i.MX only
by overriding those settings in the fsl_ssi_imx_probe() for safety.