Re: [PATCH] mtd: nuc900_nand: read correct SMISR register

From: Wan Zongshun
Date: Fri Jan 15 2016 - 03:13:58 EST

Actually, Nuvoton should still leverage this upstream w90x900 codes for
their old and new arm chip BSP, but I am not sure their open source plan
for the new chip now, I will check with Nuvoton for this topic, and give
you feedback here, so please hold on its removal.

Ok, sure. Thanks for the quick reply!

I've had a look around at the current produce lineup, and it seems that
nuc900 (w90x900) is still marketed, and as you say is similar to the n329

There has been one attempt to do a modern port for n329 in 2014 but
it never got submitted. See

The code looks rather nice, so it's a pity that the effort stalled,
but it should not be hard for anyone to start out with Mike's tree
and forward-port it to 4.5.

I will try to get this board you mentioned and try to cowork Mike to submit it into upstream.

After checking with Nuvoton people, and I will get another board and help them update the latest kernel BSP and also submit new nuc970 chip BSP into upstream.