Re: [Y2038] [RFC 02/15] vfs: Change all structures to support 64 bit time

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Sat Jan 16 2016 - 18:36:34 EST

On Saturday 16 January 2016 12:14:22 Andreas Dilger wrote:
> >>
> >> Sure, and nfs is a pain because of all it's internal use of
> >> timespecs, too.
> >
> > lustre is probably the worst.
> Lustre currently only has one-second granularity in a 64-bit field,
> so it doesn't really care about the difference between timespec or
> timespec64 at all.
> The only other uses are for measuring relative times, so the 64-bitness
> shouldn't really matter.
> Could you please point out what issues exist so they can be fixed.

It's not really a bug that needs to be fixed, but more the general
issue of referencing inode->i_?time and attr->ia_?time and passing
them around. When we change the types in the inode and iattr from
timespec to timespec64, all assigments need to be modified, and lustre
has more of those assignments than any other file system I'm aware of.