Re: [Y2038] [RFC 02/15] vfs: Change all structures to support 64 bit time

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Mon Jan 18 2016 - 05:56:57 EST

On Sunday 17 January 2016 22:09:26 Deepa Dinamani wrote:
> Based on the discussion, here is how I propose to proceed:
> 1. Series for timestamp range check and clamping
> 2. Bug fixing patches like change all CURRENT_TIME use cases to
> current_fs_time()
> 3. Patches for vfs to use timespec64 internally (maybe a series, if
> required)
> 4. Patches that change all fs that use vfs APIs using timestamp arguments
> (not a series)
> 5. Change individual fs to use timespec64 (not a series)
> 6. Change back whatever time conversion APIs left in vfs or individual fs
> (maybe a series, if required)
> So, I don't see a need for submitting another series as all the changes now
> are handled on a case by case basis and no longer have a generic theme.
> If everyone's in sync then I can proceed with the above plan.

Sounds good to me. Step 3 of course is the hard one, and you may run into
further problems with it, as we both have in our previous attempts to
crack this nut, but with step 2 before it that may become manageable.