Re: [PATCH 4/4] hw_random: brcm63xx-rng: document device tree bindings

From: Florian Fainelli
Date: Mon Jan 18 2016 - 14:11:58 EST

Le 17/01/2016 01:03, Ãlvaro FernÃndez Rojas a Ãcrit :
> Documents device tree bindings for random number generator present on Broadcom
> BCM6368 SoC.
> Signed-off-by: Ãlvaro FernÃndez Rojas <noltari@xxxxxxxxx>

Reviewed-by: Florian Fainelli <f.fainelli@xxxxxxxxx>

I could not track down the proper versioning of this IP block, so this
is a good choice, thanks!

Nit: it is kind of nice to re-order the binding addition to come before
the driver and/or driver conversion to Device Tree probing.