Re: [linux-review:James-Hogan/kbuild-Remove-stale-asm-generic-wrappers/20160119-183642] d979f99e9cc14e2667e9b6e268db695977e4197a BUILD DONE

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Tue Jan 19 2016 - 09:27:26 EST

On Tuesday 19 January 2016 19:27:55 kbuild test robot wrote:
> arm allnoconfig
> arm at91_dt_defconfig
> arm at_hdmac
> arm ep93xx
> arm imx_v6_v7_defconfig
> arm iop-adma
> arm marzen_defconfig
> arm prima2_defconfig
> arm sa1100
> arm samsung
> arm sh
> arm spear13xx_defconfig

Hi Fengguang,

Sorry for hijacking this thread. I have never seen the list of arm defconfigs
you are building before, and it seems to be a surprising selection, as a number
of platforms (ep93xx, iop, sa1100, spear13xx) are rather obscure, but the
configurations that I tend to use most (multi_v7_defconfig, multi_v5_defconfig,
allmodconfig) are not included.

Do you always build the same set of configurations, or is this a different
each time?

Can you always include the three I mentioned?