Re: Crash with SO_REUSEPORT and ef456144da8ef507c8cf504284b6042e9201a05c

From: Craig Gallek
Date: Tue Jan 19 2016 - 13:11:44 EST

On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 12:08 PM, Marc Dionne <marc.c.dionne@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 12:31 PM, Craig Gallek <kraig@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I need to think about how to handle setsockopt-after-bind condition a
>> bit more, but the NULL pointer dereference is obviously wrong. Do you
>> have a way to easily reproduce this? I've only managed to get it to
>> happen once so far...
> The attached code reliably triggers the crash for me.

I think the patch below will address this issue (sorry in advance if
gmail screws up the whitespace...). I'll send it for formal review
once I finish testing it.


diff --git a/net/core/sock_reuseport.c b/net/core/sock_reuseport.c
index 1df98c557440..004cb2c974ac 100644
--- a/net/core/sock_reuseport.c
+++ b/net/core/sock_reuseport.c
@@ -97,6 +97,11 @@ int reuseport_add_sock(struct sock *sk, const
struct sock *sk2)
struct sock_reuseport *reuse;

+ if (!rcu_access_pointer(sk2->sk_reuseport_cb)) {
+ int err = reuseport_alloc(sk2);
+ if (err) return err;
+ }
reuse = rcu_dereference_protected(sk2->sk_reuseport_cb,